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The false beliefs about nutrition and how to avoid costly diet mistakes (especially if you are currently in pain)

How to break free from fad diets to improve your nutrition without giving up your favorite foods

Steps and advice to lose weight and keep it off while accelerating your recovery from an injury (and it may not be what you think)...

The biggest nutrition mistakes for those wanting to lose weight or are dealing with an injury, and how to fix them

Debunking myths about nutrition and weight loss that you may still believe

How to choose a qualified healthcare provider who fits your needs


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About Dr. Austin Win

Austin Win DPT, RD is a Physical Therapist and a Registered Dietitian who specializes in nutrition and injury prevention.

He has worked with thousands of people addressing their health, wellness and nutritional needs. His mission is to help inspire others to live more fulfilling lives through nutritional and natural methods to prevent chronic diseases and illnesses.

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