The Top 5 Diet Myths You NEED to Know

Uncategorized Nov 19, 2018

What Are The Top 5 Diet Myths That You NEED To Know About?

  1. Losing weight is fast and easy
  2. I have to go on a special diet to lose weight
  3. In order to lose weight, I have to avoid all of my favorite foods
  4. There are secret foods to instantly burn body fat
  5. In order to lose weight, I need to starve


These are the most common myths that I hear all the time and I want to inform you that these statements are not true at all. If losing weight was fast and easy, then everyone would be doing it without any problems right?


The truth is that it isn’t easy and I understand the struggles and difficulties that come along when trying to lose weight. That’s why I’m here to support you on your weight loss journey! Imagine what life would be like if you could actually lose weight faster and easier without going on a crazy diet. Wouldn’t that be great?


You don’t have to go on a special diet or even give up your favorite foods to lose weight!

I believe in long lasting solutions for your health. I know that you must be tired of having to restrict yourself from all of your favorite foods just to lose weight, and most likely put it back on again in the end.


How many times have you heard that story before? Unfortunately, I hear it ALL the time!


Our bodies are smart, smarter than we’ll ever be.  When we drastically change our diets and severely restrict our calories, our bodies quickly adapt and enter “survival mode”. This survival mechanism is meant to keep our bodies alive in times of famine or when food is scarce.


When your body essentially goes on a “starvation diet” you have decreased levels of leptin (your satiety hormone) in your body which makes the maintenance of weight loss unsuccessful because of your body’s metabolic adaptations.


Basically, you increase your body’s hunger signals and decrease your metabolic rate, which in turn promotes your body to conserve more energy and REGAIN the weight.


Let me ask you a question. Would you rather have permanent results at a gradual pace or rapid results that are temporary and short-lived? (I hope it’s not the latter)


If you answered permanent results at a gradual pace then we’ll be a great fit! I believe in a multidisciplinary approach to healing, and nutrition is definitely a powerful element for truly creating a change in the human body.


Although there are certain foods that help promote fat loss and increase your metabolism, there are no secret foods that will instantly burn your body fat. You also do not need to starve to lose weight! Dramatic weight loss can cause several health problems including losing your precious muscles! You want to keep your muscles, don’t you?    


I’m here to make sure you not only keep your muscles, but also help you safely lose weight to AVOID the diet trap, even when you’re injured.


The NUMBER ONE MOST COSTLY mistake anybody dealing with constant weight gain is to “just diet” and think that once some weight is being lost, that the weight will be gone forever.  This cannot be further from the truth.


Each day you let yourself carry more weight you are just inviting more illnesses, pain or an injury to happen down the road.  


Avoid these diet myths and don’t let this happen to you!


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